For a long time, the search for the missing Submarine “Titan” continued. Every now and then, this submarine was the highlight of many news channels. This submarine named “Titan” was on a mission to reach the wreckage of the famous Titanic deep in the Atlantic Ocean.

The tourist on board was drowned in the ocean and this is still a mystery. What happened to them? No one knows!

On Sunday at 5;30 PM, the US Coast Guard received a call that Titan had lost its contact with them. the location was near east Cape Cod, Massachusetts. That was the moment when everyone realized that something has gone wrong in the Atlantic once again. The submarine was around 1450 kilometers far from land at that time.

A video has gone viral on the internet in which a 22-year-old photographer, Abby Jackson, captured the moments before the submarine sank into the deep ocean. This selfie video shows the slow sinking of the submarine inside the water with many tourists inside it. They were on their way to see the wreckage of the Titanic, but they themselves got drowned. The “Titan” steadily descends into the ocean. Alongside other people, in “Titan” was Mr. Titanic. He was called this name because he has visited and seen the remains of Titanic 37 times in his life. This 77-year-old was named Paul Henry.

In the crew of the submarine, Pakistani-based passengers, Prince Dawood and his son, Suleiman also drowned. Alongside these people, also included was a British billionaire, the pilot, a French diver, and an expert in the submarine.

Stockton Rush, the founder, and owner of OceanGate, is also one of the crew members of the missing submarine.

News updates also reveal that there were photos taken of the “Titan” from below before it sank into the Atlantic Ocean. These photos show that the submarine drowned slowly. Some news reveal that the 96-hours oxygen supply ended in between the ocean which made the vessel to sink into the water.

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