You would certainly be aware of the Tiktok application that is gaining fame day by day. The entire world is having a craze for Tiktok. People from different backgrounds and cultures are using this amazing app for creating content. This entertainment-packed application can be the best option for spending quality time during your hectic routine. But, now Tiktok is jumping into the E-commerce industry, do you know that? If no, let’s have a discussion. 

The Latest Feature Introduced by Tiktok

Recently, Tiktok will soon launch a new feature, which is related to online shopping stores. This is named “Trendy Beat”. This in-app showcase will display products that would be made by Tiktok itself. Users will be able to purchase outfits and accessories that they see in the trending videos on this app.

Yes, this is one of the best features users will for sure like.

ByteDance and The New Feature

The famous Chinese networking company, ByteDance, which is the owner of Tiktok, is behind all this process. The shipments will be made by ByteDance. This feature is not working in other parts of the world, except the United Kingdom. This is a kind of trial for the owners to predict whether the feature is gaining popularity or not.

A Red Alert for Other Online Shopping Platforms

From an overall view, Tiktok is making it difficult for other online shopping platforms, such as Amazon and Shein. It is true in some regard, as Tiktok is already famous among people of every age. Even people are crazy about celebrities using Tiktok, and whatever they do or use, their fans reach out to get all the stuff. The same would be the case when this feature is launched around the world. Users will get inspired by celebrities in trending videos and order the same items from Tiktok. Hence, advertising their product won’t be challenging for TikTok as it is popular around the world.

Will This Feature Work for Tiktok?

As predicted, this feature can add a couple of stars to this video-making application. Shopping online is a hobby of many people around the world, especially women. There would be more women using this feature as compared to men.

What About Other Rivals?

Amazon no doubt is famous for selling, and buying in the States and many other countries. The only ill-point is that Amazon is still not known to the audience as is Tiktok. The other popular platform is Shein, which is also not as popular as Tiktok.

The other advantage of the E-commerce initiative of Tiktok is that Facebook and Instagram have already disabled their online marketing features. Indeed, this will benefit Tiktok in many aspects. Hence, the Tiktok e-commerce is now known as Tiktok Shop Marketplace.

TikTok Made Me Buy It!

Have you heard or seen this line? If you are a Tiktok user and living in the West, then you will be aware of this phrase, “Tiktok Made Me Buy It”. This has become a hashtag since this feature started going viral on this social video application in the UK. Currently, this hashtag is used around 59.3 billion times and has nearly 7.4 billion views on Tiktok. Although, Western people are not much happy with this feature when it is going to release in Asia and other regions, for sure the e-commerce of Tiktok is going to progress. The reason is that other shopping platforms, such as Amazon and Shein, are famous in the UK and USA from the very start.

Final Thoughts:

Lastly, this was the overall view of the latest feature related to shopping online through the popular video-making app, Tiktok. This new thing everyone is talking about is called “Trendy Beat”. All the good points have been mentioned how can the feature make Tiktok even more famous, and how is Tiktok going to be a permanent part of the e-commerce? The reasons which can make it challenging for other shopping platforms are also discussed.

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