Affiliate marketing is a popular way for publishers and influencers to earn commissions by promoting products from various companies. One of the most lucrative affiliate programs is Amazon Associates, which allows website owners, YouTubers, bloggers and other content creators to earn referral fees when driving traffic and sales on Here is an overview of how affiliate marketing works with Amazon:

What is Amazon Associates?

Amazon Associates is an affiliate program that allows website owners and content creators to earn referral fees by linking to Amazon products on their site or content. When someone clicks on an Amazon affiliate link and makes a purchase on within 24 hours, the affiliate earns a commission.

The commission rate depends on the type of product but ranges from 1% to 10%. Some product categories like Amazon Devices, Digital Videos, and Amazon Prime subscriptions pay out higher commissions.

Amazon Associates is free to join and easy to get started. You simply need to create an Amazon Associates account, get approved, and start adding affiliate links to your website or content. There are no fees to join Amazon Associates.

How to Join Amazon Associates

To become an Amazon Associate, you need to:

  • Set up an Amazon Associates account on the Amazon Associates website. You’ll need to provide some basic information like your name, email, mailing address and bank account details.
  • Get approved – Amazon will review your account to ensure you meet their guidelines. Most accounts get approved within a day or two.
  • Add links and start earning commissions. Once approved, you will get access to product links, banners, text links and other promotional tools.

Amazon requires that your website has original content and an established audience. The website should not just be collection of Amazon affiliate links. Amazon looks for sites with valuable content and an engaged following when approving affiliates.

Ways to Earn Commissions with Amazon Affiliate Links

There are a few popular ways publishers and influencers earn commissions with Amazon Associates:

1. Link to Products in Blog Posts or Videos

One of the most common affiliate marketing strategies is to link to relevant products within your existing content. For example, if you publish a blog post on the best coffee machines, you could link to those coffee machines on Amazon using your affiliate link.

YouTubers frequently mention and link to products like tech gadgets and books in their videos. The key is to ensure the links are relevant and naturally fit within your content.

2. Create Dedicated Product Review Pages

A dedicated product review or comparison page that recommends the best options is another great way to incorporate Amazon affiliate links. You can outline the pros and cons of each product and include Amazon links so readers can easily find them.

These standalone product pages work well for higher priced items like appliances, TVs, mattresses that require more research before purchasing.

3. Build Amazon Store Pages

Some affiliates create entire store pages featuring different products types, categories or themes.

For example, you may have a page with book recommendations, a page featuring your favorite home office supplies, or the current most popular toys for the holiday season. These store pages allow you to more prominently display Amazon affiliate links.

4. Promote Daily Deals

Amazon has daily deals and lightning deals that offer products at discounted prices for a short period of time. Promoting these deals via email newsletters or social media accounts is a way to earn quick commissions.

You can browse upcoming or current Amazon deals and share the discounted items with your audience as an easy affiliate strategy.

5. Run Amazon Affiliate Ads

Amazon offers different ad formats like native shopping ads, product display ads and Amazon affiliate stores you can use to promote Amazon products and earn commissions. These ads can help drive additional traffic from Amazon???s network.

For example, you can promote curated products that fit your niche or display Amazon ads on your site or blog. When site visitors click and purchase, you earn an affiliate commission.

Tips for Amazon Affiliate Marketing Success

Here are some tips for maximizing your earnings and success with Amazon affiliate marketing:

  • Choose niche-relevant products to promote. Don’t randomly link to products. Make sure they genuinely match your content and audience interests.
  • Be transparent about using affiliate links and disclose your relationship with Amazon Associates. Build trust by being upfront.
  • Try different link and display formats like text links, image links, product widgets and banners to determine what converts best.
  • Take advantage of seasonal opportunities around major holidays, Amazon Prime Day and back to school period. Promote deals and trending products.
  • Prominently display affiliate links near the beginning of content and repeat them throughout. Make it easy for visitors to click and purchase.
  • Share affiliate links on social media, especially product images and videos that catch attention.
  • Use affiliate link shortening and tracking tools like bitly to customize, shorten and analyze your links.

Following these tips and best practices can help you maximize commissions and build a successful affiliate marketing program through Amazon Associates. Just remember to always keep your audience’s interests and experience in mind when incorporating affiliate links.


Amazon’s affiliate program provides an excellent opportunity for publishers, bloggers and content creators to earn commissions by linking to products on It is free to join Amazon Associates, and you can start seeing earnings once your account is approved.

There are many options for integrating affiliate links, ranging from incorporating them into product reviews to building dedicated Amazon recommendation pages. With relevant products and a bit of promotion across your website and social platforms, you can establish a lucrative affiliate marketing channel through Amazon Associates.

Here are some useful references on Amazon’s affiliate program:

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